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Talking to her after a year

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Jesus seems like an intense crush you've got there wow you've been through a whole year without talking .. anyway LOOL Don't worry all that matters now is that you do whatever it takes to initiate a conversation with her, what makes you like her that much Looks Personality, both?
    Both, she's good looking but that wouldn't be enough for me to still like her after all this time lmao. She just gives off a good vibe, confident, funny, intelligent. I've talked to like 50 girls since the start of college in lessons and just out and about and none are even close to comparing even though some are quite attractive.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I think even if it does lead to you having to wait until college starts, its fine just know its okay to take things slowly the most important thing is that you have to gain your confidence cos confidence if key even if you have to fake it to make it did you ever have lessons with her? also do you know that she's single because it could be crappy not knowing if shes taken?
    Thank you. Although I'd like to speed things up soon, and I've worked on my confidence and it's only increasing. I had lessons with her in school and not in college, and I'm 99% sure she isn't in a relationship. Most of her friends are guys but I've never seen her holding hands with a guy or just with someone exclusively, I'm sure my good friend would have mentioned it anyway, cause he hangs around with her lot.
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    Any more opinions would be welcomed, I'm still kinda stuck. Only thing stopping me from going the Facebook route is it doesn't factor in confidence, don't wanna look weird and I could just send a message to any girl. But waiting 2 months is such a long time although I reckon it's more likely to be an easy conversation and get me a date.
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Updated: July 18, 2016
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