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What is your experience with the implant?

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    Hi guys. So I've had the implant pretty much throughout all of my teenage years and I was wondering what your experience is with it? I've been experiencing the side effects associated with it such as fatigue, putting on a ton of weight, depression and that sort of things but not too sure if they are actually down to the implant because there are many things in my life that it could be down to. It's obviously worked perfectly for me but I'm debating whether to get it removed and go on the pill or something to try to minimise these side effects? Let me know what you guys think and your experience!

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    Contraception is a lot like taking medication; you have to find the best fit for you. What works for others may not work for you.

    If you're having side-effects, chances are they may subside in time (you didn't say how long you've had it). Have you spoken to your doctor? It would be a good idea to do so.

    I prefer the implant than the pill, I found I've not really had side effects from the implant, other than affecting my period. But the pill does the same thing, for me it's easier having the implant, as less worry about forgetting etc.

    But everyone's experience varies, just find the best thing for yourself. 😊

    I personally had an awful experience on the implant. I had it for 3 months before I got it removed. I was bleeding every single day and it was also painful, I had awful mood swings and my depression and anger problems went through the roof, I came out in spot breakouts and I generally felt like crap. The doctor agreed it was best to take it out and I went back in the pill instead. It is trial and error to find what contraceptives works for you but thankfully I found the pill for me which is cerazette and I've been on it for years now with no troubles other than irregular bleeding.
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Updated: July 16, 2016
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