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PhD chances?

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    Hi guys!
    Five/six months ago, I made a post in this forum along these same lines. Since that time, I feel like my circumstances have changed, and wonder if anybody might be able to advise?

    In short, I read a modern language degree, translation at MA, with 2-1 in BA and 58% in MA. Not fantastic. I realised really early in the MA that the course was wrong for me, but was encouraged by family to stay on, and chose to focus on an editorial career over that year, instead of my coursework. My source language also held me back a bit – I could translate on paper, but didn't feel comfortable with the intricacies of colloquial writing/speech. Oh well! Live and learn. It wasn't quite right for me. Editorial work is the way forward!

    In the time since I graduated, my career has been on fast-forward. I've become a mentee on a prestigious editorial mentoring programme, have worked in numerous genres – including academic writing – edited long-term for a publication, and now manage a team of writers on a print magazine. I'm proud to say I'm actually the youngest editor in my company!

    That's all well and good, but after a few months of sorting personal issues out in my head following my MA, I realised that I'd squandered a really fantastic opportunity. I always had this idea for a project in my head, relating to third culture kids/immigrant children and their language use, and never followed through. I can't be too hard on myself, I didn't allow myself time to debrief and consider my application following an undergraduate degree that was a real struggle. In fact, I panic-applied for my MA because I couldn't bear the idea of having to change visa categories – I've built a life in the UK, but am a Commonwealth citizen. I know, it sounds silly!

    Anyway, I've spent six months working out how I could do this project. Having read countless papers on the subject, and loads of books, I've now decided upon linguistics as a subject.

    So – how do I improve my chances of getting in w/o sufficient marks on my MA? Can I take a few postgraduate modules? Are MOOCs enough? Is an unbelievably strong research proposal w/great professional CV okay?

    Just to confirm, I intend to work in academia and academic editing following this degree. I can genuinely see the importance of a project of this type in the field, and will feel incomplete until I follow it through. If I don't get onto a PhD, how can I be accredited/academically recognised for a qualitative linguistics/culture research project completed outside of education?

    HELP! D:

    At this point, your MA marks won't really be held against you. You've done a lot between then and the present. It would be like giving a successful medical doctor a negative review simply because they were in the middle of their MBBS class.

    A strong research proposal w/ great CV will be of major benefit. Past performance usually is an indicator of future performance, and you've shown that you can do well in a professional capacity.
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    Thanks Zombiejon! That's great, and honestly surprising. I'm relieved to hear that proceeding to the next level in academia isn't always contingent on previous performance. I appreciate your feedback!

    I saw a thread from the other day, in which somebody asked if there are ways to become accredited without taking another postgraduate degree, e.g. online classes that are well-regarded by PhD supervisors, etc. Does anybody know much about that?


    Accredited for what? To do a PhD? You have to go through an institution to do a PhD. If you're talking about generally strengthening your profile to get accepted to do a PhD I wouldn't worry about spending time and money on that. Apply and see where you get to. If you don't get anywhere then consider doing online courses and the like to strengthen your profile.
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Updated: July 18, 2016
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