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HELP! New to the forum and have questions about vet med at RVC!!!

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    Hi everyone, I'm not really sure how this forum works, but I'm in desperate need of some answers regarding studying vet med at RVC. I'm not from the UK, I'm not even from the US, and it took me really long to even get used to the American education system, let alone UK's. This are my questions, I don't mind if you aren't an RVC student, if you're from the UK and you can answer just one question it would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Do you need an undergraduate degree? I mean, is there any college-level coursework or diploma required to apply?
    2. I'm afraid that the UK's university system is almost exclusive to provide admission information for A-Levels. I'm an IB diploma student, and I just want to know if this lessens my chances of getting in, and if anyone knows what the requirements are.
    3. What's the actual course length? I've read something about it being 6 years, but I wanted to make sure since in the US it's 8 years of studying.
    4. How hard is it to get in?
    5. When you graduate with your DVM, are you only limited to practice within the UK? Is there any possible ways of bringing your practice internationally? (through more tests, paperwork, studying, etc?)

    I think these might be it for now. It's okay if no one answers, there's probably a lot of people in here answering other things haha

    1) No
    2) Check out there website
    3) 5 years. Can be 6 if you do a preliminary year there if you meet certain (different) criteria
    4) How long is a piece of string? It's hard to quantify, it's not easy, but it's not insane. Difficult
    5) No it's American and European accredited - you can work almost anywhere
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Updated: July 15, 2016
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