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Muslims of TSR- Your thoughts and opinions are wanted

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016

    (Original post by sameehaiqbal)
    I don't necessarily like to give away personal social media on TSR. If you want to "chat" feel free to PM me - otherwise, this is derailing from the OP's topic of discussion so if you want peoples social media this isn't the right thread to ask on.
    No wtf. Don't PM him. He made his account today too.

    (Original post by AngryRedhead)
    I don't think he will to be truthful, the last thing the world needs is Trump parading around running his mouth causing problems with all sorts of world leaders and further legitimising racism and islamophobia.

    Trump is going to step down and be replaced by Hilary, ain't no way he is going to serve even a quarter of a presidential term, and that if he even wins the presidential election.

    (Original post by sulaimanali)
    Well...to me, the first thought as soon as I hear a negative incident is "Will the news channels have spread the fact that a 'Muslim' has done this?!" or "have they started blaming Muslims yet?". Islam isn't politics.
    islam becomes politics in the eyes of islamists. ie to them every political issue has an islamic slant put on it , thereby mobilising almost coerceing all muslims to support their political agendas. - even if these are pushed via terrorism. it cannot escape you that it isnt buddhists or jains that are regularly reported committing these acts

    (Original post by AngryRedhead)
    Am I not allowed to ask a significant demographic of TSR a question?
    Not in the manner it was done, no. My comment was not meant to be patronising towards you by the way, it's just annoying to see the same kind of theme (people believing that muslims don't speak up). Either way, there are many retards around (not talking about you) who think that they know it all, when really they're mentally incapable of thinking outside of what they think they know.
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Updated: July 19, 2016
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