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Dvd Sizes..

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    Can someone help? I making a movie in iMovie and it says that it is about 18GB. I want to burn it onto a disc but can't find one that has that amount of storage.

    I did find a blu-ray one but that isn't compatible with the superdrive I have.

    Any ideas would be great as I'm rapidly running out of time!!! :o:S
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    DVD disks don't go up to 18GB sizes. The standard size limit is 4.7G. While there are ways to increase capacity you won't get anything close to 18GB on a standard disk. Blu Ray is your only realistic disk option.

    There's a few things I have to question about this though. Why have you made a movie that's 18GB in size? How have you even done that? A 720p HD film will fit on a DVD when compressed. Something is very odd if you've got an 18GB file.

    Why does it need to be burned to a disk? Does it have to be a disk?

    Rather than trying to find an appropriate disk you'd benefit more from making the file smaller. There's got to be a reason it's such a large file. Deal with it from that angle. Because an 18GB movie file is not at all normal.

    Use Handbrake to compress the movie file to a smaller size so it will fit on a standard DVD.
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