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Ncs week 2 help please😓

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    I've completed the first week of ncs and I'll be starting week 2 on Monday.

    My group is doing music (even though most of us chose photography) and I don't know how it's going to work, a bit confused. None of us are exactly musically talented apart from two people out of 11 in our group so how can I possibly take part properly.

    I was very shy on the first week and barely spoke and I feel as though I've been pushed to the side but this week I really want to be a little bit more brave and take charge and stuff. Idk how much I'm gonna struggle with this though because my group thinks I'm quiet and are basically already very close

    Could anyone who did music in week 2 help me with the structure of how the week goes and suggest me some ideas for our final showcase ? I'm dreading it and was even thinking of not going.

    Or anyone who completed ncs before give me some tips on how to make friends even though i feel it's too late


    maybe you do have some musical talent that you probably didn't realise you have (your voice )
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    (Original post by shawn_o1)
    maybe you do have some musical talent that you probably didn't realise you have (your voice )
    I used to sing but I'm honestly no good. Definitely no where near a high standard so sadly I won't feel the confidence to put myself forward to sing, it would be so embarrassing
    I'm not even comfortable with my group yet

    But I don't want to look lazy or seem like I'm not participating well enough if I just opt for the tambourines/the triangle, haha

    The team on my wave doing music just used instruments and no vocals it worked well.

    I was doing enterprise so we had many options.
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Updated: July 18, 2016
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