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Why didn't Theresa May sack Jeremy Hunt?

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    Maybe she kept him there as punishment, let's face it no Tory wants to run the department for Health.*

    Maybe TMay tried but nobody wanted the poison chalice so she had no choice but to keep him? ROFL
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    (Original post by Rakas21)
    I'd say that the legitimate reason is that any health secretary who does not pander to them is going to be unpopular, she clearly supports further NHS reform.

    It's the same with teachers (but to a lesser degree) in that the NUT despises anybody who does not follow their libertarian social education mumbo jumbo approach.
    The teachers sound s nightmare tbh. You can just sense that it is Gove's ambition and vision they hate about him. Education has seemingly been feminized, made to favour the incurious and obedient, and to revel in mediocrity in the state sector while the private schools clean up. Fair?
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Updated: July 18, 2016
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