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Is the NHS the best Healthcare system in the world?

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    If not how would you change it?

    When you say best, what do you mean? How do you quantify something as huge and complex as the NHS?

    Is it the best because it has resourceful and committed staff? Or because it is free at the point of service? Or because it doesn't discriminate between rich and poor? Or because it offers modern and up-to-date medical procedures? Or because it represents good value for money compared to other systems around the world?

    In my opinion, the National health service is not the best health care system in the world but is still very, very good considering the resources they have, particularity in terms of staffing which i will get on to later in this post.

    In terms of the systems funding, it is grossly underfunded by the government and the reasons for this are because we have a ageing and growing population, yet the budgets increase very little year on year. The budget for the NHS has increased very little despite what i said about a growing population which leads to less funding per capita which has a negative affect because some operations may be prohibited due to the NHS budget being insufficient. In 2008 the last Labour government invested £96.4 billion in the NHS, which was a 20 billion increase from 2005 and a 63 billion increase from 1997/98 so on average over this period the NHS budget grew at £6.1 billion per year, and in 2008 the budget was £1559 per person, which was even then underfunded. That may not seem a lot but in comparison to 2015 where it was £1801 per head and when you add inflation into the picture and on to the 2008 budget funding needs to be £1870 per person- effectively £69 pound less than 2008 in real terms when you include inflation.

    Due to the budget strains , it generally means more expensive surgery is not availible on the NHS so if you need very expensive treatment the NHS are not going to give it you, you will need to go private, it is usually the rich who use private medical care so the care is going to generally be better and this is because you get what you pay for, also private companies do not have the burden of the entire population.

    The NHS is a dangerous place now, doctors are generally overworked, underpaid and are forced to work anti social hours, this is expected due to the nature of the Job but the NHS staff are starting to protest against the government and i do not blame them one bit. Also there are not enough incentives to bring new staff into the NHS , they could do this with subsidies on medical degrees to encourage more people to consider being a doctor.

    Other than that they are very very good, when i went in for my operation 4 years ago the staff are very pleasant and a lot of the staff are excellent, not sure if it is the same story now but i have a feeling it will not be a public utensil by 2030 and everyone will be forced to go private at great expense , the NI system is great instead of paying for treatment when you need it, it's deducted so you can access treatment free at the point of use
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Updated: July 16, 2016
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