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Practical elements in STEM degrees

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    Hello, ive been pointed in this direction from reddit. Im looking at studying OU over the next few years while i work full time.

    I was studying chemistry at a university but at the time the maintenance loan did not stretch to cover 3/4 of my accomodation (despite going cheap). I had to stop, as working part time to get enough money only proved detrimental to study (could only get enough money if i worked most nights and all weekend).

    Ive looked at time i may spend studying and feel OU is the way forward. I obviously want to finish what i started, and complete a STEM degree.

    Does OU assess and provide practical elements? If not, how does it overcome that? Could i use my two years at a university to show experience?

    Is finding placements the way to go?

    Thank you,

    Ps if the practical elements are lacking i am considering comp sci or maths. What are your prospects looking like if youve finished a STEM degree?

    There isn't a huge amount of practical work at the OU, but there is some. Chemistry students do some experiments at home, as well as online experiments delivered through the OpenScience Laboratory and an optional, laboratory-based residential school. If you want specific information about this, I suggest you phone the OU and ask to speak to an academic advisor.

    I do't know what you mean by arranging placements. I suppose it might be possible to supplement your OU education by doing a job or an internship that involves hands-on lab work (working as a lab technician in a school, for example).

    You should be able to transfer university credits from your previous studies to the OU even if you didn't complete the course.
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Updated: July 16, 2016
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