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the ego in this article on loners is appalling

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    "There is a big difference between someone who is a loner-by-choice and a socially rejected person. Contrary to what most people think, being a loner is neither good nor bad. Loners are individuals who enjoy spending time alone as much, or more so, than they do with friends (yes, loners do have friends). They have a low need for affiliation and peer acceptance and engage the world in different ways than others by focusing on their own ideas and being stimulated by solitude, while constant social interactions tend to drain them. Loners generally have a small circle of close friends and have higher standards for their friendship and trust. They enjoy spending time with their friends but do not depend on and attach to them like others, though they are highly loyal. Loners are generally more intellectual than others, using their time to enjoy and study anything and everything that interests them."

    The last line in particular is a joke. I'd change it to

    "Loners generally masturbate more than others, using their time to study and enjoy any and every porn film that excites them."

    Just the ego of distinguishing themselves from people who are unpopular through no choice of their own and then implying they're probably more intelligent.

    If such loners by choice exist, I honestly prefer people who have no friends but have tried.

    The whole paragraph is very accurate. You were just being silly by changing the last part. Why don't you grow up?
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    (Original post by Isambard Kingdom Brunel)
    The whole paragraph is very accurate. You were just being silly by changing the last part. Why don't you grow up?
    ok i'll grow up
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Updated: July 16, 2016
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