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Am I looking at screens too much?

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    All day I'm either watching TV or on my laptop or tablets. I'm just wondering if this may affect my eyesight.

    cough porn cough

    I know I look at screens too much but it hasn't affected my eyesight.

    Ever since I started college I have been using my laptop everyday to research and type up my coursework. When I went to my appointment a while ago I was told that my eyesight is still the same
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    (Original post by greatguy860)
    cough porn cough

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    All day I'm either watching TV or on my laptop or tablets. I'm just wondering if this may affect my eyesight.
    I look at a screen everyday, for hours and I have perfect eyesight. So it just depends on you, if it starts to hurt and etc then yeah stop and go outside.

    Yes, it will. I'm afraid your eyes will become square within the month.

    In all seriousness, it isn't likely as long as you're in a well-lit room, sat a reasonable distance from the screen, and aren't straining your eyes. If your eyes hurt or you feel tired, it's probably best to stop.

    If you're on a computer, you might find it worthwhile to install F.lux, and on Android, you can install Twilight (there is no app available for Apple devices, as they need to be jailbroken for the functionality required to be available for the app). These apps warm your screen to reduce the blue light, which reduces the strain on your eyes, and I personally have noticed a significant difference!
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Updated: July 18, 2016
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