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Student Finance Overpayment

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    I had to take a year out of uni due to poor mental health. The uni was delayed in telling student finance that I had taken the year out, so I was still paid for the second term. As I left on health grounds, I was entitled to part of the payment, and I had a few letters confirming that, so that was okay. I then phoned student finance to tell them that they had overpaid me- and I was told I didn't need to do anything. After a few months I got frustrated with the situation and wrote a very precise letter explaining exactly how much I had been overpaid, and that I would like to pay it back asap. After a few months I got a really vague response telling me that there was nothing that could be done until my student finance for the next academic year was re-assessed. Surely this isn't okay? I asked to pay them back, and they gave me no option.

    Anyway, I'm now in a predicament, because since I took a year out, I have been hospitalised on three occasions, and after recently being discharged I am basically sofa surfing, and during this time I had no income and I had to use the overpayment in order to be able to eat, travel, live etc.

    Basically, I'm worried now because if the overpayment is taken from my loan in September, I won't have money to pay rent or live, and I really don't know what is going to happen to me and I'm very scared. I'm living with a variety of complex mental illnesses and this is really adding to my mental distress.

    *and breathe*

    Basically, is it possible to either have the overpayment added to the total amount of money I owe at the end of my course, or is there a way I can pay the over payment back is small affordable amounts over time?

    You really need to phone student finance and get their response in writing. You need to tell them what you've said here. Good luck.
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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    You really need to phone student finance and get their response in writing. You need to tell them what you've said here. Good luck.
    Thank you, yeah I'm trying to work myself up to making this phone call, and I will do this week, it just seems like when you speak to them over the phone they have no clue what they are talking about and don't log what you've said/asked for so I end up having to ring multiple times and ugh. But I won't know until I try.
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Updated: July 18, 2016
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