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No job is affecting my mental health

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    I have just finished university with a first class degree, i have been job searching for 3 month's now and have yet to find a job, even a part time one. I worked so hard all myself hoping that i would get somewhere better when i graduated, but no luck. I'ts not even like i was complacent when i was university, i worked full time throughout uni, the only time i took a break was the last 2 months to focus on my finals. Anyways, by the time i came back, management had changed and the new manager had hired other people to cover my shifts (i was on zero hours). My family is poor and my dad is a waste of space, he works and has money but never spends it on us, he didnt even want to pay for graduation tickets so i could not go. I just dont see if its worth living life, no matter how hard you work, you never get anywhere so whats the point of even trying.

    Not having a job is really affecting my mental health and I really don't know what to do now


    First of all, congratulations on your 1st. It's rewarding when your hard work pays off I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties however and know that it can be challenging when your work situation doesn't go as you hoped! I have spent my own fair share of time looking for jobs so can give you the benefit of my experience as it sounds like you're keen to get something asap.

    You may need to adjust your "profile". There are loads of resources out there to help you. Reed for example, has CV and cover letter templates you can download and edit. TSR has some stuff you could check out too http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/cont...r=4041-careers

    Expand your job hunt. It sounds like you're a hard worker so this shouldn't be too scary! The job centre has a list of job boards or you could do an internet search to find jobboards you like the look of. Make sure you upload your CV and set up alerts for the jobs you want.

    You could register with a recruitment agency. These actively help to place you with employers and the good thing is that you can register with as many as you like.

    Look to make yourself more "employable" Leaving uni with a first is amazing, especially as you worked too, but you can always look for ways to put yourself ahead. You can do this by volunteering/online courses/ evening courses etc. Again, seems like you have always kept yourself busy so this should come naturally to you

    Right, so that's the job stuff. Now onto YOU. I think that finding a job you enjoy and succeed in will be the push you need to feel good about yourself but if you're feeling really down you should find someone to talk to. You could try a family member or a friend or reach out to your doctor for their counselling service.

    3 months is not the end of the world OP, don't give up just yet, have a good think about where you're targeting yourself and make sure it's the right level for your subject (e.g. do you need work experience, do you need to start with a lower company) and in the meantime keep working on those run of the mill sales assistant/bar work jobs, there are plenty of people willing to take on a graduate, especially with work experience even in more menial work, don't take it personally, just keep going.

    I missed graduation nbd brah :cool:

    Whats your degree in
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Updated: July 22, 2016
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