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Just Converted To Communist AMA

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    all you disgusting capitalist pigs will die come judgement day. how dare you mock the greatest political ideology that has been bestowed to this earth and yet scum like you choose to disrespect it.

    (Original post by Tempest II)
    I think they officially gave it up a few years ago like the Chinese have.
    Neither the North Koreans nor the Chinese have officially given up communism.

    The Chinese moved to an interpretation of communist thought called "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" (much more scope for market forces). The ruling party is still the Chinese Communist Party, and you will still find plenty of Maoists in it.

    The Korean Workers Party follows the Juche ideology which is a weird cross-breed between Soviet communist, fanatical belief in self-reliance and traditional Confucian obsessions with obeying authority and looking up to elders. But again they are still formally a communist state
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Updated: July 18, 2016
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