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Architecture or economics?

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    hi, I have a dilema and would appreciate some help:)

    I am torn between studying architecture and economics at uni?

    I have recently completed work experience at an architect firm, and I loved it. I've also been to uni open days looking at Architecture.

    However, I am constantly being told, architecture isn't well paid; there's not enough money in that industry; you won't live in a nice house. So my other choice is to do an economics degree, an industry bursting with money and jobs.

    But is that shallow of me to think more about how much I will earn, rather than my job and overall happiness. I'd much rather be studying architecture, but an economics degree looks so much more promising.

    Another disadvantage is that I have not studied economics at GCSE or A level, so I would feel very behind at uni level.

    any suggestions would be most appreciated :)

    Well as it seems you prefer architecture than that. Not much point doing something you wont enjoy just because of the money.

    I echo the sentiment above.

    However, if you do genuinely like economics (and don't try to lie to yourself) then economics is a great degree. Your lack of economics A level will not render your application worthless; no university as far as I know requires it but it is obviously useful. The most important thing is your interest in the subject. If you barely care for it then don't apply for it because you won't get an offer from any competitive university.

    I have an economics degree & am an architect. Economics is a fairly simple degree - minimal contact hours. Economics itself is pretty easy - most of the stuff is based on common sense or basic psychology. So you don't get great value in terms of teaching from an economics degree. However, as you say, it can open avenues into banking where the pay is vastly superior to architecture.

    As a reference: in 1996 as a grad trainee I started off on a salary that was the same as I was earning in 2013 as an architect.... Money isn't everything but it can be very tight eking out a living as an architect, certainly for the first 10 years from starting the course.
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