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    Hi, I have had a look at my student finance summary, and so far, I've been awarded £3,000+ for me, but the tuition fees section says 00.00. Does that mean I won't be getting a loan for tuition fees or that this part hasn't been processed yet? I have a dependant child aged 12 too, but no mention of her either, so not sure where I am with this. I've sent in a copy of her birth certificate and single person council tax statement as requested but no word as yet.
    In 1996, I began a degree, but was going through a nasty divorce, so the student welfare granted me leave to sort it all out, went back in 1999 but in Feb. 2000, I was involved in a RTA resulting in a broken neck. By September of that year, it was obvious I wouldn't be able to return any time soon, so I formally withdrew from uni. I don't know if this would mean I can't get any funding for the course I have just received an unconditional place for, but its keeping me awake at night worrrying about it! I have all the letters back and forth from the university if anyone needs evidence that I was on leave. All Ive done since are low paid dumpty jobs, and I really want to get back to uni and finish what I started, but no tuition fees loan might mean I'll be spending the next 11 years washing floors : (

    You get length of course + 1- previous years study. You can sometimes claim back some of those years, if you have compelling personal reasons as to why you had to leave your course, which sounds like your situation.
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Updated: July 17, 2016
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