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Your roommates will stab you in the back.

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    I walked in on my flat mate having sex with my girlfriend.

    We had been together for a year, I was going to university and she was staying at home doing a fashion design course at a local college.

    She was excited for me but also quite nervous due to me being in a new city and meeting new people, she saw this as a threat. I would never cheat on her.

    As a first year would do, they would live in the halls of residence, doing so I met a number of people and believed t have become good friends.

    There was a few lads, i became close with one of them, he was a bit of a womaniser and had no real respect for them from the things he would say, but he always pulled and brought girls back to the flat.

    The first time i brought my girlfriend up she was of course nervous but that all soon changed and she got quite pally with them all (there was a big group of both boys and girls).

    After a number of visits it became quite the norm. There was always someone in and we never locked our individual rooms, so she would be let in if i wasn't there and at lectures.

    She was coming up like any other Friday, however this Friday i had the afternoon off for a study period and decided to go back to the flat and give it a little clean a few hour before she was here.

    I put my card into the door and let myself, the flat seemed empty. I heard some rustling coming from his room behind his open door, so i walked in and found him and her naked on his bed, her giving him head with her bare ass stuck up in the air.

    What do you want us to do? Give you Advice? Was this just a story to make us aware of flatmates?

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    the title is so misleading it should be my not your

    just because your roomate stabbed you in your back doesn't mean it will happen to me

    (Original post by Bulletzone)
    What do you want us to do? Give you Advice? Was this just a story to make us aware of flatmates?

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    lol thats true, this post is pretty pointless

    he just came here so he can feel better when we tell him nice things

    nah fam, you got stabbed in the back, now deal with it
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Updated: July 17, 2016
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