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140-hour TEFL or CELTA for teaching in Asian countries?

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    Hi there, so I'm looking to get a certificate to teach English abroad, preferrably in China, however I don't really want to spend upwards of £1000 on a CELTA.

    Most job postings I've seen just say "TEFL/TESOL/CELTA" certificate, so can I not just spend a quarter of the price on a 140-hour TEFL course?

    You can get entry-level esl in China (and some other Asian countries) with just a degree. I did, as well as most of the other teachers I met over there. I tend to think random no-name certs are a false economy. They're just bits of paper from 'organisations' no-one has heard of claiming...well, not much actually.

    CELTA and Trinity TESOL are the only reputable certs. They require an investment of time/money but doesn't anything worthwhile require a sacrifice? They differ from random cheap certs as they include seminars, written assessments and most importantly observed, assessed time teaching real students. Dodgy two-bit weekend certs may not include this, and even if they do, no employer will have heard of them.

    I'd say save your money and buy a couple of books on esl for now. Jobs in China are still plentiful for pretty much and native english speaker with a degree. If you want to continue teaching in a year, develop your skills by investing in a CELTA.
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    Hi, thanks for the informative reply.

    How did you go about getting a job in China, did you secure one before going out there or get it while you were out there?

    Can you give me advice on the best places/websites to look for a job?
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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