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I don't agree with some of the reasons why some people voted Brexit

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    James, or whatever your real name is, me ol' mucka

    You have alleged that it must be US that has stopped you getting a job despite your qualifications. You claim to speak well but it is is much about the content as it is the delivery. Eloquence will only get you so far before people get turned off or offended at being unjustly labelled racist. Ring any bells?

    After reading your hissy fit I wonder whether your holier than thou attitude comes across in interviews and employers think you won't be a team player. If you came across in an interview like you have come across in this thread I wouldn't employ you no matter how impressive you were 'on paper'.

    It's not always someone else's fault you know.

    That advice is giving you the benefit that you are real. I actually wouldn't be surprised if you are not but hey ho.

    Stfu you stupid Marxist bastard OP

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    (Original post by James.Carnell)
    That is what they voted for though in the general election, so that is what they are prepared for. I will laugh when **** hits the fan.
    Sorry, what are you on about? Iceland did not vote for all but one of it's banks to declare bankruptcy in the same year. Icelanders did not vote for Icesave to fail, which basically meant that they owed other countries a massive amount of money.
    Iceland did not vote for that at all. In fact what happened was fraud on a massive scale and those responsible were jailed. For a disgracefully short amount of time, but still.

    Yes, Iceland did vote for Sigmundur Daviðs many years later but they were completely unaware of his tax free assets which he had lied about and sold to his wife for one dollar to essentially hide. Saying they voted for that is like saying everyone who voted for Tony Blair is personally responsible for all the sh*t he stirred up abroad. You cannot hold people accountable for all of the actions of the person they vote for, as they have, in reality, very little power over the actions of the government and the truth is constantly being covered up until many years later.

    (Original post by James.Carnell)
    Omfg you are wrong. So very wrong lol!!
    So very wrong i'm right?

    UK public spending deficit:


    2007 - £34 bil
    2008 - £43 bil
    2009 - £175 bill
    March 2010 £163 bil
    June 2010 - £149 bil
    2011 - £121 bil
    2012 - £90 bil
    2013 - £108 bil
    2014 - £84 bil
    2015 - £69 bil (3.6% GDP)
    2016 - £56 bil

    The massive increase was a result of Labour trying to spend their way out of the recession. This did actually work to some degree. Its been on it's way down since.

    I stopped reading at 'racism' to be honest.

    People are sick and tired of their immigration concerns being labelled as 'racist'.
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Updated: July 19, 2016
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