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Does my crush like me?

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    So I have this crush I like and I want to if he like me or at least attracted towards me. We always collide into each and look at each other , I try not to look back cuz I'm a bit scared. He only looks or stares at me but never say anything. When I'm near him him he's all quiet . He's loud and friendly to his friends and other girls but when I'm near he either walks the opposite direction or looks at me and doesn't say anything. Also every time we collide or see each other one of his friend will look at me and smile and say something to my crush. But it looks like he smiles as if my crush said something to him and den he looks or turn his head towards me. Once I asked my crush for direction and yes I looked at him directly in the eyes and yes he looked a bit surprised not surprised as u knoe wat I mean . I was in the common room we were by ourselves but he never even tried to talk to me he sat there quietly but once his friends came in he was alive and loud . I feel but anxious cuz I feel like he hates or something . Also one day I was sitting down doing my work and he was with his girl friend , she kept turning her head towards my direction it looked like she was trying to look at me I fink she was cuz she kept turning her head at least 3 times and then I heard she said to my crush "get to knoe her" which left me hanging cuz trust me I was eager to know who is this girl ??? But at same time I feel bad because it's none of my business , but after that I left since I didn't wanna hear anymore . Me and friends were at a shop buying some food , he came with his friends this time his friend kept glancing at me and then talking to my crush. And yes it creeped me out. Sorry for my bad grammar and thank youXD my friends told me he's a closed person and he's really nice if you get to knoe him.

    You should talk to him. Just a normal conversation and then if you like him then ask him out. Also why do you have a crush on him? Is he banging? How old are you?
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    (Original post by ilikechinesefood;[url="tel:66496514")
    66496514[/url]]You should talk to him. Just a normal conversation and then if you like him then ask him out. Also why do you have a crush on him? Is he banging? How old are you?
    I like him cuz how nice and respectful he is to older people as well as younger children I know , it sounds weird and yh he's attractive x) , I'm 18 turning 19 and I have zero experience in talking to guys and relationships, this is because I promised myself that I don't need a guy in my life blah blah .....I'm those who only focus on my education and focusing to become a surgeon and work in smile charity . I do part time modelling and also taking part in miss 17 ( mom forced me into it =boring, I'm dropping out don't wanna do this ) I'm sorry if my life is dead and boring that's a little about me . But then mr nice guy appeared and caught my attention which have been troubling me Xp . I'm sorry if I sound so weird x) . I don't think he'll want to knoe me cuz I'm weird -I like watching anime and Chinese, Korean, Indian,Spanish drama- I know I'm too old for these but that's just me and I love playing Pokemon go . So I don't think he wants to knoe me and probably this weird personality of mine will scare him off ")

    It is better for you to ask him. Start with formal talks, and ask him when you got the freedom to do so.
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Updated: July 22, 2016
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