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Why do people say GCSE Geography is just colouring in?

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    Parts of my coursework were coloring in, because we had to do all graphs by hand. The last few months of the course were more like 'constant hand cramping from essay writing', though. That, and 'waking up in the middle of the night repeating a case study'.

    (Original post by PugDevil)
    Yeah definitely have a look - I would have loved to have done Ancient History but wanted to get away from my hometown and alas I ended up in Sussex I'd just have a check at the modules that the unis you're interested in does. I don't particularly like the core modules that we do - they're very pro-West! So like looking at the Europe's role in the Industrial Revolution for example.

    But on the other hand, the term modules are really interesting! In my second year (now in third) I've done American Civil War, The Holocaust, 20th century Middle East and North Africa and 20th century South Asia (Basically India and the British colonialism)

    As for a gap year - I don't blame you! I dropped out of college so I had had my gap year already
    That sounds really interesting! I've done so much "modern history" or what my mum refers to as "current affairs" (WWII, Vietnam, Cold War etc) for GCSE and A-level that I really miss the older stuff. I'd love to study ancient history or the medieval period.

    (Original post by Platopus)
    That sounds really interesting! I've done so much "modern history" or what my mum refers to as "current affairs" (WWII, Vietnam, Cold War etc) for GCSE and A-level that I really miss the older stuff. I'd love to study ancient history or the medieval period.
    Yeah that's the annoying thing... I mean at college I did the Tudors and Crusades so that was good. But Universities only seem to do modern aka 1700 onward Interesting nonetheless!

    Plus we met some Holocaust survivors so that was a really humbling experience

    I didn't do GCSE Geography, but from years 7-9 the only thing we would literally ever do in Geog is colour in, to the point where it became a joke in our year. Most of the time it was maps or different terrains (usually to colour code them) - I'm guessing GCSE is the same. It's a good GCSE to take, if anyone tells you it's too soft don't listen. 'Soft' GCSEs don't even matter. Hell, I took drama - best GCSE I ever took.

    (Original post by fefssdf)
    I would assume that people think it is a soft subject and so compare it to ' colouring in ' as that is easy, but don't worry geography is a ' proper ' subject unlike something like film studies for instance or food tech
    Food Tech is harder than you think. It is not a easy subject to learn I would compare it in hardness to Biology.
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Updated: July 19, 2016
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