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    I will be starting TU100, MST124, MST125 October the 1st.

    TU100 I'm not worried about, neither too fussed about the work as i feel myself i will be fine.

    BUT, and its a big but, to progress on after this I need to do MST124, MST125 also.
    and this I am worried about, I never went to high school, just worked, and currently am doing well.
    but I've decided for a career change and to give university a go.

    has anybody done MST124 & MST125 and does anybody have any tips to prepare as looking at the workload etc I will struggle with even MST124

    Yes you will struggle with MST124 and MST125, Yes you will want to throw the towel in and quit and yes you will take hours on 1 little question that shouldn't take you hours to complete at which point you think your too dumb to do it. I think I may have even shed a tear and yelled in frustration several times.

    It's not easy self studying and it really does require sacrificing your social time when your friends or family are out. I completed 120 credits in a year like your doing and I know I had some low points doing it!

    You cannot take any short cuts with MST124, it leaves you with a good groundwork for future modules and I'll add it was my favourite module. You get given thousands of questions and they leave no stoned unturned when explaining things. Its a very well designed crash course of GCSE+A-level mathematics. Do nearly every single question and you will be fine, getting things wrong is a good way to learn.

    To assist with your learning :
    Youtube - Khan academy, Search whatever topic you are struggling with
    Better explained . com gives good alternative visual explanations of simple mathematical problems
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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