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How do I prepare myself for my GCSEs and get A/A*s?

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    I have just finished Year 10 and I am freaking out. Last year went so fast and I know my GCSEs are just around the corner. I did my mocks a couple of weeks ago and they were not too bad. But I do not know how to prepare myself for year 11! I am so scared and I want to get A/A*s. Does anyone have any tips on remembering information and preparing myself for next year?

    If you have any tips could you let me know? I am honestly so scared. Thank you x

    I did mine last year and got A/A*s with only a bit of effort. Maybe I was just lucky.

    Don't panic, they seem awful at the time but you'll look back and ask yourself why you panicked so much. Enjoy year 11 because from my experience, it was the last year I really had 'fun' at school.

    Just enjoy yourself, revise as much as you can, go to after school clubs, ask for help (and don't feel stupid about doing so), don't be intimidated by what results your peers are getting. Just take advantage of everything your school is offering you and you should be fine!

    Good luck

    Download past papers and syllabus into an organised set of files. Timetable yourself to meet deadlines for all the assessed work / coursework that actually counts towards your final grade. Start preparing now.

    (Original post by charlott3)
    I have just finished Year 10 and I am freaking out. Last year went so fast and I know my GCSEs are just around the corner. I did my mocks a couple of weeks ago and they were not too bad. But I do not know how to prepare myself for year 11! I am so scared and I want to get A/A*s. Does anyone have any tips on remembering information and preparing myself for next year?

    If you have any tips could you let me know? I am honestly so scared. Thank you x
    Hello Charlotte,

    First of all don't panic

    It's a great year, enjoy it, don't waste it worrying about exams.

    I feel like this would be better if you asked it after doing your year 11 mocks, since you could improve on them and have lots of time to still revise.

    You just finished year 10, enjoy your summer and the start of year 11.

    I will say that start the revision early for year 11 GCSE's and make sure you have enough time.

    If you need any other help, feel free to message me.

    You mean you want to get Grade 8 and 9?
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    Grade 7-9 in maths and English as we are the first year to do the new GCSEs, and also A/A*s in my other subjects as they are staying the same. Any tips?

    The firstthing I did was find different ways of revising. You can try reading the textbooks, making notes, makings charts or graphs etc, or even doing past papers.There are so many mediums of revising now that you can even go online! I usedBBC bitesize a lot to help!
    One ofthe most important things to do is to make time for revision. Tell yourselfthat between 5:00 and 6:00 you are going to study one subject (obviously changethe time to suit you) and change what subject you study depending on what youfind difficult, but make sure the subject you study isn't something that youhave studied at school that day or what you studied at home.
    Duringthat hour make sure that you switch your phone off and there is nothing totempt you. You can put on some light music if you like in the back ground,nothing too loud of with lyrics. I listen to Chopin while I was revising for myGSCE and A-Levels.
    Hope thishelps J

    I think the best thing about your chances of achieving this is that you're willing to start work early. I was one of those people that sort of coasted through year 11 slightly then really had to pull my socks up a few months before exams. I had to work round the clock all hours of the day in order to get my grades, it was not ideal! If you start working as soon as school starts you should be okay. Here are some things I think will help you out.

    *Review your topics periodically to ensure you don't forget stuff and end up having teach it to yourself instead of just revising it!
    *Start making shorthand revision notes earlier- that way when you start revision for exams you won't waste time translating it all into shorthand first
    *Buy all the revision guides you can! They really help, it's hard to do well just relying on your textbook (extensive and dense pieces of information) and the stuff you've written down from lectures unless you're a really great note taker. This leads me onto..
    *Try your best to make really god notes, use the first week or two to get a good layout system going on for each subject
    *Use all your mocks as indicators to how you're doing, aim to improve with each cycle of exams with your biggest improvement being for the real things.
    *If you get a piece of work back that you don't do too well on, aim to figure out why and re-do it to get the grade you should have done.
    *Establish a good relationship with your teachers, I don't mean this in just a "get them to like you" way but in a "get them to know you" way, a large part of why I was able to do well is because my teachers and I had such a great relationship and each and everyone of them understood me and knew the right way to help me to perform to the best of my ability because they each knew how I learnt. So don't be that quiet kid in the corner they don't know all that well. Put yourself out there and make yourself known.
    *Find someone who is similar to you in academic ability, study with them, measure your work agasint them, use them as a pacemaker- going through this year with someone by your side makes it inherently easier.
    *Find a good place where you can really study well, be that your bedroom or a library just find somewhere where you won't get distracted

    That being said, remember to have some fun too. I had a really good time socially in year 11 and still got good grades! Try not to panic as well, GCSEs aren't the end of the world, get through them then move on. There are more important exams to come so don't stress and burn yourself out over these ones..

    Hope this helps!

    Concentrate a LOT in your lessons; put in 100% effort in all your subjects no matter what, to be able to be focused at all times is so hard but you really have to and this includes the interactions you have with the people around you. Usually we all have these types of friends who we're never able to concentrate around which means you'll have to unfortunately have less interactions with them. Spend your time precisely going over your notes; do all past papers and you'll soon get the hang of exams and will get into practice. Be around people who you can actually revise with etc but I'd say just do all those things on your own with revision cards. When you write revision cards you should always write important info on them. My biggest tip would be to never give up; keep yourself motivated no matter how boring it gets coz it'd be worth it to see those A's and A*'s on your results paper.

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