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V1010 – Automatic Voter Registration Bill 2016

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    V1010 – Automatic Voter Registration Bill 2016, TSR Labour Party

    Automatic Voter Registration Bill 2016

    An Act to make statutory provision for automatic enrolment, on an opt-out basis, to the Electoral Roll for Citizens of the United Kingdom.

    BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

    1: Automatic Enrolment Mechanism
    (1) Local Authorities are required to maintain an electronic record of the date at which the individual reaches the age of franchise.
    zzz(1) On said date, the individual is added to the closed electoral register.
    zzz(2) The individual may opt to be placed on the open register with prior or present notice to the local office responsible.

    (2) Where members of the Commonwealth are members of the franchise, it is the responsibility of the Foreign Office to ensure eligible Commonwealth citizens are franchised as appropriate either by use of the Automatic Enrolment Mechanism as in (1) or by other suitable means.

    (3) The Automatic Enrolment Mechanism does not extend to members of the Union where they are considered members of the franchise for an election.
    zzz(1) Eligible members of the Union must register with the Local Authority Electoral Registration Service.

    2: Maintenance of the Franchise
    (1) It is the responsibility of the relevant department/institution to submit a request to update an individual's electronic electoral status if they no longer meet the conditions to be an elector.
    zzz(1) The individual's right to vote will be suspended until they are reported to be eligible to be an elector.

    (2) The individual may also submit status change requests to their local authority electoral registration service.
    zzzzzz(1) The following status change requests can be made by the individual only:
    zzzzzz(1) Enrolled (In Person)
    zzzzzzzzz(1) The primary status; the individual is registered to vote at their local polling station
    zzzzzz(2) Enrolled (Postal)
    zzzzzzzzz(1) The individual is registered to vote by postal ballot
    zzz(3) Enrolled (Proxy)
    zzzzzz(1) The individual has elected another individual to vote for them in person
    zzz(4) Suspended Enrolment
    zzzzzz(1) The Individual has chosen not to act as an elector in elections or referenda

    (4) It is the responsibility of the individual, unless considered to be under the care of an institution or another individual, that their registration data is current
    zzz(1) If the individual is considered to be under the care of an institution or another individual it is the institution/individual's responsibility to maintain their voter registration data.
    zzzzzz(1) An individual is considered to be under the care of an institution or individual if:
    zzzzzzzzz(1) They are incarcerated
    zzzzzzzzz(2) They are detained in accordance with the relevant sections of the Mental Health Act
    zzzzzzzzz(3) Another individual holds lasting power of attorney over said individual and has not reported suspension of eligibility to act as an elector
    zzzzzz(2) In all other cases, the individual can nominate a representative to maintain their registration data for a period no longer than 6 months without reaffirmation of a need for continued handling of affairs in this instance
    zzz(2) If registration data is found to be outdated, or otherwise incorrect, a fine of £80 shall be issued to the individual or their representative

    3: Extent, Commencement and Short Title
    (1) This Act extends to the United Kingdom.
    (2) The provisions of this Act come into force on the 1st of January 2017.
    (3) This Act may be cited as the Automatic Voter Registration.

    The bill automatically enrols individuals to the electoral roll, and they must opt out should the not wish to vote or take part in jury service etc.

    The rest of the bill is necessary administrative change to facilitate the automation and the associated responsibility


    The practicalities of this make me vote nay. As much as I support the ambition it just isn't practical

    No! It appears I've missed this. Saracen's Fez Is there any chance of adding one more no, please?
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    (Original post by right_angle)
    No! It appears I've missed this. Saracen's Fez Is there any chance of adding one more no, please?
    I'm afraid your post was after the poll closed so I'm not able to do that.
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    Ayes to the right: 15
    Noes to the left: 22
    Abstentions: 8

    The Noes have it! The Noes have it! Unlock!

    Turnout: 90%
Updated: July 23, 2016
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