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Relationship advice needed *teen*

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    Hi all,
    Thanks in advance for your replies. I'm looking for some and I'll be grateful for all your input. I'm a 17 year old male. I'm tall, of medium build and I'm currently in sixth form. But there's one thing missing: a girlfriend. I've never been in a relationship or had any advances ever (never even kissed a girl). I've been longing for a relationship for so long and I can't help but feel I have something missing in life. My friends are beginning to enter relationships but I've never been lucky enough to meet anyone. Any advice?

    Sounds similar to me in sixth form (minus the never having kissed a girl bit), if you are anything like me you aren't making any effort to find a girlfriend, you're just expecting something to happen so my advice is actual look for a girlfriend. Flirt more. Make sure to decide who's in your definitive friend zone, then consider every girl outside it a potential girlfriend and test the water with them and hopefully something will bloom. Good luck chap

    17? Nah, keep it as it is until you've established your career (i.e. when you're in a job you like for at least 6 months). Your mates will probably fall for the wrong girls and end up with too many ex's and On-on-on's
    Plus it's so much easier to progress when you're fully focused.

    I've been in your shoes mate. I was 18 when I first got a girlfriend, prior to that having never such much as had a kiss. I never thought I'd get one until much later in life, yet I met my first love on an internet forum. My point? It just happens, sometimes completely out of the blue. I certainly didn't expect to form a relationship where I did.

    I'd try not to worry. You're still fairly young, and from experience I'd say it's around your early twenties when you should start to think perhaps you can do more/better to attract someone. At your age range people are jumping into relationships for the wrong reasons, much like you just simply wanting the fun and experience, but if you wait for that person who's right for you I can promise you it'll be much more rewarding.

    I think you're real lucky, I wish I was in a similar situation. don't worry about it too much, sooner or later someone will come around. And don't worry too much with comparing yourself to your friends, everyone is different

    Don't worry,there will one girl for you in future.You are only 17 years old and it doesn't matter your friends have girlfriends.You will get girl friend soon and she will be your right person in your life.

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    Plenty of time to find a girl, you are only 17.

    If you get with someone during sixth form then you go off to uni then the relationship might not even last so it's best off just to stay single for now and focus on your alevels and it a nice woman does come along then you can decide whether a relationship is for you. I've never been in a relationship and most of my sixth form have so I get what you're saying but just remember you're not the only one who hasn't been with anyone and it's likely because you just haven't met that special someone so don't worry too much ; is there anyone in your sixth form that you think you'd genuinely want to like marry anyway cause when I thought about it, I didn't think anyone in my sixth form was suited for me and so that stopped me worrying about finding a man cause sixth form doesn't give you much choice when it comes to relationships
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