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🌺Let's Do This!! 🌞 My 2016 Summer Bucket List!!🌺

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    Okay here it goes...✍🏼

    It's the summer of year 11, 🌞exams are over, 🎉 and we have a blissful 3 weeks of extra holidays 🙌🏼 stretching out before us, ready to fill before we even have to think about using up the traditional 6 week holidays ✨


    ...Every summer I go through the the same thing of celebrating that the year is FINALLY OVER (!!) - before giving myself an (arguably🙃) well-earned rest which stretches out indefinitely until I wake up on September 1st wondering what the hell happened 😳💤

    But not this time.✋🏼This summer I'm gonna make the most of everything - especially the extra weeks at the beginning😋I wanna make memories.📷 I wanna have fun.👯 But most importantly, I want to make this summer a summer I will never forget! ✨ (okay a bit cliché but ya know what I mean 😉)

    Sooo when I saw this bucket list challenge thingy I thought the same thought 💭 that always comes before anything HAPPENS in life -Why not?!😉
    I've always thought about writing a diary 📖 but as I struggle just to get out of bed before 3 in the afternoon 😴 I've never been able to bring myself to start one. So when I saw this pop up on my email account📩 (yes I'm that old fashioned), I thought the magic thought: why not?! ✨ At the very least I thought it's a great way to motivate me to actually do something productive with my summer 💪🏼 and at the same time document it in a way I can look back at in the future and remember what a (hopefully) great time I had! 👣
    ...okay so maybe the prize incentive was also to blame for giving me the kick I needed 🙄 but hey, I'm sure they're right and it is actually "good for me" 😇 to do something other than binge watch Orange is the New Black and stuff my face with chocolate. 🤔 Maybe.

    Soooo.... 💬That's me, 🙋🏼 that's why I'm here📍and here's what you've all been waiting for, 📝 my totally amazing 🌺 BIG SUMMER BUCKET LIST!!! 🌺

    What means what:
    ⭐Still to do, aiming for it 😅
    🌟In progress, I'm working on it okay?! 😉
    ******************************** ******************************** ******************************** ******************************** *****
    ⭐️Do something I've never done before 🏓
    ⭐️Eat something I've never tried before🍧
    ⭐️Go somewhere I've never been before🗺
    ⭐️Give myself a really pretty henna tattoo 💮
    ⭐️Practice my flute so for once I don't have to lie to my teacher when I say I've done practice🎼
    ⭐️Read 15+ books 📚
    ⭐️Run 10 miles 🏃
    ⭐️Complete (or at least catch up) on a TV show 🤖
    ⭐️Watch Finding Dory 🐠
    ⭐️Learn a piece on the piano 🎹
    ⭐️Sort out my desk/get a new desk ✏️
    ⭐️ Go on a road trip 🛣
    ⭐️Watch an amateur piece of theatre
    ⭐️See a show in the West End
    ⭐️ Fix my phone📱
    ⭐Upcycle something
    ⭐️Complete my maths summer work 📊
    ⭐️Have a bonfire with all my unwanted revision🔥
    ⭐️Go Surfing🏄
    ⭐️Watch Suicide Squad dans la cine 🃏
    ⭐️Learn every note on the bassoon for a range of two octaves🎶
    ⭐️Actually do some exercise? 🚴🏼🚣🏼⛹🏽
    ⭐️Okay, well definitely (maybe) GO to some sort of gym at some point...🏋🏽
    ⭐️Learn a song on the guitar🎸
    ⭐️Watch The Breakfast Club📼
    ⭐️Do the 30 day Yoga Challenge 🙆🏼
    ⭐️Get to level three on Duolingo for a new language
    ⭐️Cook a meal for my family 🍽
    ⭐️Go to a water park🏊🏼
    ⭐See the Statue of Liberty🗽
    ⭐️Sort out my room🗑
    ⭐️Make some candles🕯
    ⭐️Save/earn £200 💸
    ⭐️ Paint something 🖌
    ⭐️Film my summer📽
    ⭐️Make a holiday movie 🎬
    ⭐️Find a Panic! At The Disco song lyric to describe every day 💭

    Wish me luck, I know it's a pretty long list📝 but hey-ho, you can't be too ambitious now can you? 🙄😂
    So here we go, and who knows? Maybe this summer I'll actually do something worthwhile... 🌞

    Your Summer Bucket List is very ambitious!!!!
    But my eyesss (lol jk). You get 2 extra weeks??!!!! :awesome:
    I hope you get to complete as much as possible if not all of it! :yep:

    Good Luck!
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Updated: July 19, 2016
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