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Title for EPQ on Cuba

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    I want to do an EPQ on revolutionary Cuba, perhaps oppression, politics or women. Does anyone have any ideas for titles or sections to focus on?

    (Original post by Khalida1)
    I want to do an EPQ on revolutionary Cuba, perhaps oppression, politics or women. Does anyone have any ideas for titles or sections to focus on?
    Your interests are quite varied and disjointed.

    What I'd ask you is what period of history do you most like? Then go from something like "women in the Victorian era" or "women in the Edwardian period" and then you can narrow it down to something like Suffragette movement in the early 20th century. As that has oppression, politics and women in it.

    Find out what you like and what you'd want to to write about. There's no pint asking others if they have any ideas of their own. The whole point of you writing an EPQ is to be original and personal. It's something that you want to do.

    So my general advice to you is to sit down and think of a historical period/time/movement that interest you. Then your next step is determining whether you want your EPQ to focus on the cultural, social or political times of that period. Then you can start to narrow down what you wish to focus on.

    I did my EPQ on the 1959 Cuban Revolution - Whilst it is a fascinating topic, to find data or facts to support your findings is quite hard as resources are usually very dense and most texts on the period focus on economic and social change (that said I'm sure you will be able to find some on gender). One good way of refining your title would be to isolate your time period to perhaps a decade or 25 years, and split up your findings into social, political, and economic (this is also good because most history A-levels like you to focus upon these 3 themes). www.Abebooks.com is a great website for buying good quality second hand books, as I found that some 1st hand copies of books i needed were £££'s of pounds! Hope this helps; Cuba is a great area to study.
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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