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Resitting my year-can I spend my time to boost career prospects?

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    I'm a second year student at LSE, where I study maths and economics. Unfortunately, I've had some pretty severe extenuating circumstances, so now I have to repeat the year, for the second time. Think addiction combined with bereavement. Embarrassing I know. My current situation is that I have to resit the whole year, just to retake one module. I've decided my degree is worth completing, however...

    I don't really know how to spend my year aside from studying. I've got a part time sales job lined up that looks like it pays quite well, and the hours are good. I'll have to see how that goes. I'm a very ambitious person however, and I would still like to get into finance. Taking that into account: what would be a way of turning the "negative'- having to resit the year- into a positive- gaining invaluable and unusual work or life experience. I'm worried that I need more to show for my time at university. Since I'll technically be in the penultimate year, should I still apply for finance internships for example? I will detail my extenuating circumstances in my application...

    Or would it be realistic to think about off-cycle internships for example? Maybe accountancy?

    While it might be hard to believe, given my recent academic record, I still have a high level of learning ability. I've started learning programming. What else could I focus on? Self-teaching a few ACA exams?

    Any suggestions are welcome, any overly harsh 'reality checks' are not.

    Thanks for your time.

    Are you confident that you will pass this time round? *Only then take on other jobs.*

    I would take on a part time job, learn web design and data analysis. Lots of employers seem to like those!
    Also I`d create an online website of yourself and things you have made/ do, online portfolios are the way forward
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Updated: July 21, 2016
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