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What are state FE colleges such as City and Islington College like? And, well...

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    I've got worries about going to City and Islington College as I will be from September 2016. I'll be doing an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Business. I'd like to aim for a Management degree at Nottingham, Manchester, and Business and Management at Durham and KCL too. I had AAB offers to do Accounting and Finance at Manchester and Nottingham last year but colossally ****ed up a private education I had and didn't take those offers, following a lot of overwhelming thinking. I'll briefly get at what it is bugging me..

    I am obsessed by the more and better social and non-monogamous sex lives of more intelligent or educated and attractive or fit people. I'm obsessed by and dream of being simple friends with like attractive girls at top universities such as UCL, and I've felt a contempt over my natural looks and intelligence maybe limiting me from that. I made as I put it a slightly social Darwinist observation of inequality and general inequalities of life experiences. I have a preference for certain types of people, or, well girls, and I kind of dislike men. I was extremely outcast in this boy's private school I was in, I've literally never had friends, and I am fed up of men now ha. We come to know alike people more often than not, you know, and I am hugely motivated because of this understanding/observation to work on myself, to work on my education and body in the gym.

    I'm basically worried however that at City and Islington College I won't find nice girls to be friends with lol, and that I won't get myself much of a satisfying life at last, not until I get to university, hopefully a good one.

    Social Darwinism's seeming presence in state FE colleges in London has ruined me.

    Any words?

    I am a bit ridiculous, I know Certain types of people depress me simply.
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    Bump. Lol at this thread and where these feelings are coming from... I am not a bad person, man, though I am in this misguided and anxious state.
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Updated: July 21, 2016
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