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What career can you get out off Veterinary Biosciences

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    I've been looking to study veterinary medicine but I know it's hard to get into. If i applied and only got onto the veterinary biosciences course, what should I aspect to study and what jobs could I do afterwards. I have done lots of research on university websites but I can't find a lot of information on careers.

    Course structures will tell you what you'll study. The website should give you info about grad destinations and if not email and ask. You can do pretty much anything that uses your transferable skills.

    One of my friends who finished biovet has gone into research (and is doing a phD) - she is looking into diseases that wild animals carry that may be transmissible to humans.

    I've heard of others going into field such as nutrition.

    Some study vet med post grad, but there is no tuition fee loan for a 2nd degree so will cost you £9-£20k/year from your own (or your parent's) pockets!

    We used to share lectures with biovets (this has changed now with a new course structure) - they used to study topics with such as physiology, nutrition, parisitology, epidemiology (which involves statistics). If you look online, most unis will detail all the modules that you will or have the option of doing for a specific course. The modules may vary between unis despite having the same course name.

    Open days are a good way to chat to current students and also ask about facilities, possible careers etc!
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Updated: July 22, 2016
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