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mind muscle connection

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    Do i contract my muscles through the whole rep ?

    For example during a chest dumbbell press should i keep contracting , or shall i put tension off move weight up and then at TOP contract ?

    Same with a barbell curl or tricep extension , only contract at top peak ?

    Just do the movement with safe form. Mind muscle connection is bogus

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    Pointless trying to contract your chest at the top of a dumbbell press, pretty much all the tension is on the triceps then and there's no more resistance to push against. Bring the weights down, fill your lungs with air as you do so to expand your chest area to put the pecs in a favourable position, then hold your breath for a split second as you push the weight off you chest before you exhale.

    Other than that, don't fuss so much. Just 'squeeze' the muscle out of the bottom of the lift all the way to the top. Most of the time, if you're failing to contract the muscle you're supposed to be working, it's because your form/positioning is screwed, not because you're not imagining the muscle working or whatever BS some YouTuber has told you. I'm certainly no advocate of just lifting the weight using whatever forces you can, but remember the 80:20 rule - that extra 20%, in terms of details, doesn't matter
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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