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How to pursue M.Arch degree after a non-related Bachelors degree?

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    I am engineering graduate from NTU, Singapore and currently working in the software industry.

    As part of my summer internships experience, I got the opportunity to work alongside architecture and engineering consultants for buildings. It sparked my interest in architecture.

    I am extemely interested in pursuing a masters in architecture in a good school in the Us in two years or so. i am aware of school offering M.Arch course for students from non-related backgorund.

    However, I have some queries regarding this:

    1. Is it possible to get into the top 10/20 schools in the US for MArch course from a non-related UG degree?

    2. What requirements do they look out for? What are their portfolio requirements?

    3.Do GRE scores play a vital role? Is it necessary to get recommendations from people in the related field?

    4. Also, does you work line matter?

    I think I am on the artistic side.I love to sketch, paint, make handicrafts, photography and I have been actively involved in design clubs.

    I would love if I could get some inputs on this. Thanks a bunch

    This is a UK based website so you may not get too much info about US unis. Most of this can be answered by having a look at schools that you're interested in and emailing if unsure.
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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