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How do you know what your passion is?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016

    The advice about "doing something you're passionate about" is not necessarily bad, but incomplete - there must be some level of pragmatism.

    The criteria you should use for career paths should be based on "what are you both interested in and skilled at?" with an addenum that these skills are "desirable/essential" (= permanent employment prospects) and that you feel a "sense of purpose" doing. STEM subjects are the obvious choice, but even less obvious picks can be worthwhile - your value is not determined by your earnings alone.

    If I had an eye for art and excellent mathematical skills, I could combine those two things by going for architecture. If I was interested in theory so abstract that it's hardly about reality at all, and at the same time felt great about tutoring kids - I'd look into teaching in Universities/private-sector. If I had a knack for games and software exploits, computer programming would be a viable path.

    The A-level options picked seem good, although I'd pick a social science instead of English Literature. I don't think you're at the stage where you know what you want to be yet, but you have a whole year to find out. If you do some things during your holidays, like volunteering to help charities and doing various roles, you can have a much better feel for what your strengths are.

    I also used to face such a problem of choosing my actual passion. By then I was very young when it comes to making decisions for myself. My parents, especially my mom wanted me to become an accountant so she used to expose me to staffs involving business. Nevertheless, my passion was in studying medicine. It was only one day when i decided to expose my heart to her. It took time for her to understand me until she eventually accepted, after continual insults on her concerning her intervention in my decisions.

    (Original post by Anonymous1502)
    I don't know what my passion is
    Most people don't know what their one passion is. You can enjoy lots of different things, and these can change over time, but your passion is something you want to dedicate a chunk of your life to. I suggest just trying lots of new things throughout your life.

    Casey Neistat (a YouTuber/film maker) said something very interesting in one of his vlogs. He advised to do a job that you really hate. Whilst you're doing something you despise, you tend to fantasise about the thing you'd rather be doing. Then that's how you know what you should aspire to do.

    I accidentally stumbled upon something close enough to a passion but it turned out to be philosophy so I've still got no prospects.


    Medicine, Dentistry, Forensics or Psychology may be possible matches
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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