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Brexit chain reaction

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    The UK's Brexit vote may cause a*“substantial increase in economic, political and institutional uncertainty”*having a huge impact on investment, market and consumer confidence, according to the IMF.

    The global financial agency warns that the latest projections are based on its best-case scenario concerning Brexit with more negative outcomes being distinctly possible.

    Under the more negative IMF scenarios global growth would drop below three percent as businesses may start moving away from Britain to the EU with Brexit sparking financial stress and dislocation.

    Who wants to stay in UK? Who wants to fly away ? Your lives..your choices.

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    "I reject your reality and substitute my own!" - every Brexiter everywhere


    And yet looking at the actual figures, the growth of the UK economy is still higher than that of Germany, France & Italy over the next few years.

    Combined with the lowest unemployment in 8 years in the jobs figures today.

    It's all about the way you look at things, isn't it? The sky is not falling down as much as you'd like it to. The UK economy is strong and will remain strong in the future as we make trade links with the rest of the world.

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Updated: July 20, 2016
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