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Maintenance loan/grant woes.

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    I'm really looking for some help or advice, having just tried with a Student Finance Advisor over the phone and gotten nowhere.Basically I've just checked online to see what I'll be getting this year, and was shocked to find I'm getting LESS than last year, if anything I thought i'd be getting more. My parents financial circumstances haven't changed for the better, if anything they've got worse. Plus when I did the 'Student Finance Calculator' it estimated that I'd get more this year.. So you can imagine my shock when I saw they're offering me less.I then went scouting for answers. I read in this official leaflet I downloaded that it is actually optional to give your parents details to be assessed? Is this true? If so can I ditch this application and re-apply without inputting their stuff. I've always hated the stupid 'household income' thing anyway as my parents don't give me a penny and I need all the help I can get. I always thought it was compulsory to put what your parents earnt in, but it kept saying 'should you choose to disclose your parents income' as if it was a choice! There must be something I can do to get more help. I'm literally getting the bare minimum which works out about £290 a month. It's no where near enough! HELP PEOPLE

    Are you in your final year?
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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