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Cultural boundaries have ruined things

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    Hey guys. In need of some serious advice regarding my first serious and current relationship.

    Long story short I met her a year ago and it was something out of a movie. I'd never felt such chemistry with someone and it was pretty much love at first sight. She lied about her ethnic origins and about a month or 2 into our relationship she told me (I'm too gullible but I had little reason to doubt her) There are very extreme cultural blocks. This doesn't just extend to her parents but an entire community across England. The consequences of this include not being allowed in public with her, strict curfews and often being called back home to which I have to race her back to hers to avoid disaster, seeing her maybe twice a week tops, very limited social media interaction and not being able to have any say at all really as everything has to be approved by her on top of a host of other things. At first I believed I could handle it and I even became more hopeful when one of her family members found out and liked me (this was massive) but things have gone wrong. She's stopped appreciating the sacrifices I make for her, likes to point out my flaws and has even started to become a little controlling. The magic is dying but has been dying since she told me she's going to uni a good 5 hour drive from me and was disappointed I couldn't come even though she wouldn't make a similar sacrifice for my sake. I know anyone would tell me to dump her but since we got together things have fallen apart for me. That's another thread entirely but I'm not in the best place right now and neither is she. I know it'd destroy her if I left as we've always helped eachother when things got tough in our separate lives. Her family member only approved of me because she could see the difference I made in her.I don't know what to anymore. I really don't. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place

    Who cares about cultural boundaries? I'm going to have a kid with my sister one day and we both love each other
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    i keep telling her to go to dawn anything goes there but she won't listen 😂

    Just got the reference btw 😆
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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