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Marina Abramovic: Rhythm 0 - Shocking Performance Art [NSFW]

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    This artist placed 72 objects on a table, nice objects such as sugar and perfume and objects of cruelty, nails, razors and a pistol with one gun, she stood for 6 hours and allowed the audience to do whatever they wished to her and she would not react like a doll. It began with trivial actions, handing her a rose, putting her hands up in the air, it ended up with members of the audience stripping her, writing over her body, slicing her body, sexually assaulting her and when one member took the loaded pistol, put it in her hands, curled her finger over the trigger and pointed it at her chest he was removed from the room.

    What shocks me are two things:

    1. Just how quickly people descended into pure evil when they felt there would be no consequences and they had sufficiently de-legitimised her humanity.

    2. When the performance ended and she returned to normal functioning, the people who had abused her fled, as if they cannot face up to these inhuman acts of cruelty and look her in the eyes as a person.


    (Scroll down in the link)

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Updated: July 20, 2016
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