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Copying transport mtickets

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    The bus service where I am is fairly extortionate so I would like to copy a ticket and share with friends to cut the costs.

    Screenshot won't work as the ticket is animated and I've tried various screen capture apps on my android but they're obviously onto that as they just come up as a black screen.

    How would I go about achieving this?
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    Thanks guys.....

    "The camera functionality helps to prevent fraud, and makes it easier for drivers to recognise fake static images that have been copied. Tickets that do not show this will not be accepted for travel, so please ensure that you do not disable this functionality in your phone settings. "

    step 1: download ariva m ticket

    step 2: download xposed framework (the version you use will depend on your device - whether its 32 bit, 64 bit etc. and the android version you are running) google this to find out on XDA forum

    step 3: install xposed framework with twrp and resent phone

    step 4: download titanium backup

    step 5: download these files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/astmjn1s2...TbYEXwqma?dl=0

    step 5: place the ariva files in the titanium backup folder

    step 6: install xposed installer from the Dropbox file (note that this is different to the framework)

    step 7: download rootcloak from xposed app - you will have to allow download of experimental versions

    step 8: activate rootcloak module in xposed and add ariva app to rootcloak step 9: Download android firewall, set it to blacklist mode and add ariva to blacklist reset your phone and you're good to go. The method of use EACH TIME here is to open ariva, let it update then go out of ariva and restore the data file with titanium backup. then you'll go into the ariva app and activate the ticket. Quickly after this exit then go to firewall and activate it so no more data can be downloaded by ariva (it will cancel your ticket if it does)
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    Does this work for other types? The place I live has its own company contract which isn't arriva.
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Updated: July 24, 2016
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