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In love with same sex best friend

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    I just want advice/ opinions because I don't really know what to do anymore, I have an amazing best friend. We've only be super close for 2 years now but she is my world. I was convinced I was in love with her but since she has a boyfriend and still does I was never going to tell her because I was certain she didn't feel the same. But last night we had a sleepover and we cuddled etc, I woke up in the middle of the night and she was rubbing my boobs and then went even lower and it felt so so good so clearly she has these feelings for me too but she has a boyfriend

    talk to her. nothing anyone can say on here will clear things up as well as she can

    Um. She definitely shouldn't have been feeling you up in your sleep - that's creepy af. (Unless, of course, you've talked about it with her and expressed that you want her to. Somehow, I doubt that conversation happened.)
    That said, talking to her about it could help you both figure out where you are in your relationship, and could help her figure out if she wants to stay with her boyfriend. If she does, discussing boundaries to avoid cheating would be a good idea (albeit a little late, now), and I'd definitely suggest you talk to her about her behaviour in your sleep - it's not okay for her to feel you up in your sleep. Sexual acts require consent, which a sleeping person cannot give. Even if you like it, and like her, that doesn't give her the right. It's okay to want her to and to enjoy it, but if you're going to pursue any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with her, it should start on a foundation of consent, trust and communication. (Which would benefit your friendship, as well.)

    Become best friends with benefits?

    You are repugnant. Pure and simple.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    You are repugnant. Pure and simple.
    OP, you're not repugnant, anon's talking out of their ass. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to other girls, and there's nothing wrong with feeling and acting on natural sexual desires.
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