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Social work law exam

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    Hi all,
    I am a 2nd yr student and am having to resit my law exam as I failed by 3% I have passed all other assignments this year. My resit is on Monday and I am so stressed. I really don't know what they want? Last time I wrote the process of going down the section 17 and 47 route and was told I had only outlined the process and not referred it to the case study, I have been revising again and trying to learn the ethical dilemmas etc and looking at the learning outcomes but I still feel I have no idea what I am meant to be doing?! I am almost to the point of giving up because I don't think I am going to pass.
    What is it they actually want? The info I received was as a social work what would you do, think about and if one route doesn't work what is the alternative
    Any help massively appreciated


    You should really have sought firther guidance from your lecturer and done practice answers , then got them marked.
    Not really familiar with law for social workers, but its all prety similar.

    I assume you get given problem questions rather than essays or both?

    The first thing you need to do is change your mindset. It is no good thinking you arent going to pass.

    Change it to you wnat to pass and you will do your best between now and during the exam to fight for every mark, so you cna continue with your course. That is a mindset anyone can manage.

    You were only 3% off last time and that means you are close, so just a slightly better answer and you will get the marks needed. i assume you are now capped at 40%.

    You still have time to practice.

    I – Issues
    R – Relevant law
    A – Application
    C – Conclusion

    First identify the legal issues. These should be stated briefly in one sentence. There is no need to enlarge on the issues, as this will be done in the application section.

    Secondly, take each issue in turn and set out the relevant law relating to that issue.All relevant cases and statutory provisions should be mentioned. Names of casesand statutes should be italicised. It is not necessary to give the facts of every case.The most important thing to set out is the legal principle decided in that case.Next, the law should be applied to the facts of the problem question. This may be done immediately after you have set out the relevant law on each issue, or you maywait until you have set out the law on all the issues. Thereis no need to repeat the legal principles set out in the relevant law section.

    Finally, state your conclusions. Again, there is no need to repeat what you havealready set out in the previous sections. The conclusion should be brief. If there ismore than one possible conclusion, set them all out.
    1. Can you identify the issues? they should be obvious.
    2. You must know the relevant law, which you seem to be able to grasp that part of.
    3. Application seems to be what you are doing wrong. You then need to apply the law to the facts. Its not ood enough merely to say the rule you have to apply it to the case presented, whicch then helps you score all over again.

    If there are a number of possible solutions go through each one and sel;ect the opne you feel is most appropriate.
    Practice exam questions so you become familiar as to wjat an answer needs to contain.

    You still have enough time to make a difference, but I would practice exam questions so you get used to the method of answering.
    The above is for law, so I expect social work also includes any ethical, professional or legal considerations as well. Dont just say the law, apply it to the case you have.
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    Hi 999tiger,
    Thank you for your reply, the exam is 2 case scenarios, 1 adult and 1 children's and then u have to write down what u would do. I have done some practice ones but I have no way of knowing if I am answering correctly or if it is what they want. Our tutors won't mark mock ones independently and trying to get a hold of them during summer break is proving tricky.
    Thank you
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