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BTEC Results Dilemma. PLEASE HELP

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    I have just received my BTEC Results and was given a grade for the Subsidiary when I actually studied the 90 credit. My college basically set for me to be marked for 6 out of 9 units that I did for the year.

    I have been accepted into a university to study a Foundation pathway and was relying on the grades to come for the 90 credit diploma but the Subsidiary came instead. What happens next?

    Will I still be considered even though this is the college's mistake?

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    I'd contact your course tutor (or whoever else) at college in the first instance and explain whats gone on and see if this can be rectified then go from there. If you signed up for a 90 credit course and did all the work for it and passed it etc, the college have an obligation to deliver this so really the blame is on them and you could make a formal complaint if needs be
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    Thank you for your reply. I have emailed all of them two weeks ago and no reply has come yet. Do I still wait? And if they refuse to hear me out then what do I tell my University even though my offer is conditional?

    ahh right, I'd try again by phone and see if that gets you anywhere. Call the uni as well and see what the score is from there prospective. see if any of this is helpful to you: https://www.gov.uk/complainfurthered...apprenticeship . Don't wait around if you can help it, I'd try to get this sorted as soon as possible so you have as many options open as possible.

    If i were you I would get in touch with the exams office at your college and explain the situation to them. If you did 90 credits then there shouldn't be an issue.

    Get on the phone to your college and keep ringing them until you get a satisfactory answer.
    You wont get hold of your tutor at this time of year, but the exam office should be working.

    Could be as simple as an admin error, but it is obviously very urgent that you get this sorted out and don't lose your place at Uni.
    I would ring the admissions team at your Uni as well and tell them what is going on.
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Updated: August 1, 2016
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