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Did my ex ever even like me????

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    When me and my ex first started dating it was great. He always messaged me loads and when we saw each other he was so affectionate. We would have lots if sex, some nights we would just be at it until were too sore to do it again, but he would always be loving afterwards.

    He would say cute stuff like how he loves sleeping next to me, loves the sound of my voice, how exciting I am, would reassure me that he really liked me and would often say he missed me when we weren't together. We had lots of jokes and laughs and were generally very close.

    This lasted a few months. Then he just stopped messaging me. Then a few days later said we needed to talk, cried, kissed me passionately twice and then dumped me by text an hour later.

    I feel as though he could never have liked me and it's tearing me up inside

    As though the whole relationship was a lie

    I don't think it was a lie, tbh I think the abruptness of the ending is because he found someone else, but I think he still did like you while he was with you.

    Human beings can be very cold creatures. Never expect loyalty from any one.

    That's why you shouldn't jump into bed with someone too soon. Affection can be very strong, but won't last long if the love is not real. Sorry he left you shattered, you'll get over it eventually and hopefully be wiser before your next relationship.

    Did you not post a few days ago?

    Anyway, sounds like it was a relationship filled with lust but not a deeper connection. He will have cared/liked you, but ultimately he decided he didn't want a relationship. Sorry.
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Updated: July 21, 2016
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