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Dont trust anyone!!!

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    I'm not one to usually post stuff like this on forums but it's something I want to warn others about. A year ago I moved in with 2 girls, 1 of which I thought was my friend. Since then I've had money, & sentimental jewellery stolen, my boyfriends phone stolen, my clothes ruined, my possessions hidden, glasses & abuse hurled at me - among many other things.When I reported my stuff being stolen to the police they couldn't do anything because it all happened in my house - so no sign of break in etc. So I gave up and just continued to live there. When asked WHY? Why are you doing this? Just silence. They couldn't tell me why. (& trust me they weren't silent people - especially when they were drunk). I later received an apology from one of the girls who's excuse was 'It got out of hand because there was 2 of them'. I should have known not to move in with them when I asked them prior to moving in if one of my best friends could move in too - as she didn't have somewhere to live at the time. They said no.. (Baring in mind one of the girls went to school with us for 2 years). It was genuinely the most mentally testing thing I've ever done. I even had to use my blender in my bedroom haha! I didn't let them spoil my year, but I've had a tough time not letting them.Basically if you don't know someone well enough, don't trust them. I made the mistake of doing so and it caused so much unneeded stress in my life. And never stoop to other peoples level, even if it is petty things.

    I'm sorry to hear that. Did you get all your stuff back or at least a compensation of some sort?
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Updated: July 21, 2016
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