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Anybody else up late?

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    (Original post by nomophobia)
    Yeah we did, and you'll also get service since you'll be in the middle of the city so it'll be fine.

    Haha, you seem a bit miffed about your lack of skill - don't worry, it only means you'll be put into teams that you'll spend the 4 weeks with but actually only spend 2 days doing the actual skill. Yeah I get you, a lot of people on NCS annoyed me but NCS is a very social environment, even though you're tired, you don't really want to be in a room by yourself, you'd rather mingle. Although it obviously depends on you but that's what I found.

    No you don't, they say you're supposed to bring your t-shirt with you but you never actually need to wear is unless you want to.

    I hope so too.

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    Great Only 2 days? Well that's good and yeah I am, it's so annoying when people aren't organised, Dad and I have a really bad feeling about this, they sent an email the other day asking for paper work, so I filled it out, scanned it and emailed it back, then 2 weeks later they email my Dad saying they haven't got it

    Oh and I slept round my neighbours house it went fine, I reckon I'll be ok on NCS, as they say, there is always a reason you are homesick and I think I know my reason, which is probably why I was ok.
    But I was literally next door to my own room because I live in one of those attached houses

    Ah that's good I saw someone wearing them on a Youtube vid, and I didn't like them, dark blue is not my colour
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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