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Re: Can't get a date/relationship

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    (Original post by Analyst89)
    Approach women and just have a conversation, it doesn't have to lead to anywhere, the more you acclimatise yourself to this, the easier it will get. You've got nothing to lose, the worst will happen is just a bad reaction, there are plenty of women out there and you have the option of dating someone older, same age or younger than younger than you.

    Girls don't like nice guys, be nice, but confident and as a user stated, women prefer 'jocks'. You need confidence, don't care what people think, accept yourself, do things that make you happy, focus on your goals, make friends, do things you enjoy, believe in yourself, be optimistic, take risks, be proud of yourself, achieve.

    Keep going to the gym, dress sharp, have a good hairstyle, smell well. This all effects the way you feel and how you are perceived.

    When talking to women, be jovial, interested in them, be charming. Just take the initiative and talk.

    Join clubs of interest or classes, it could be anything and you may just find that someone. You could do internet dating, speed dating, have job and meet someone through work, these all increase the possibilities of a date or relationship happening.
    I'm similar to OP but my problem is that I can't approach and say hi. I get panic attacks if i see a pretty girl even looking at me. I honestly wanna hang myself sometimes. If someone else makes the first move then i'll go along but i've been feeling a paranoid level of anxiety over the past month and i don't know why.
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