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My decision on the amount loaned is wrong, appeal is going nowhere.

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    Hello, thanks for opening my post.

    I have created an account to get further help and advice regarding my student finance appeal.

    I have contacted my local MP, financial ombudsman and citizens advice, as well as currently going through the SFE appeals process, nothing has come to fruition in my favour so far.

    I am twenty two, starting studies this September for a foundation degree in Law, I applied for the full amount of maintenance loan under the option of being judged as independent, I submitted evidence and my response was that I have only been deemed independent for around two years and four months.

    Up until very recently I lived with my cohabitating girlfriend and had done so for a few years, she worked and received an income up to around £5000, the SFE however stated they will not take this into account when judging me independent, however; Student grants and loansLiving togetherYour partner's income is taken into account when deciding your eligibility for a student grant or loan from 1 August 2008.https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/sc...differences-s/
    This is a direct quote from the citizens advice website that as far as I can see states her income should be taken into account alongside my own, my income for the third year that the SFE are having issue with amounts to just over £4785 before even considering her income.

    The SFE have stated that this income is not sufficient to prove myself in the third year, I have provided evidence that they have accepted proving that £4785 was my income. If my cohabitating girlfriend's income was also taken into account the full total would be around £9500, surely enough to pass their year three criteria.

    With all this going on, they have so far offered the minimum £3821 maintenance loan, this hardly covers my housing in the cheapest accommodation available in Preston (where I will be studying), I do not mind picking up part time work alongside my course, but I do not want to have to pick up lots of working hours alongside my degree, especially when it inevitably becomes more difficult in the later years of the course.

    As stated earlier, I have contacted my MP who has in turn contacted the SFE but nothing has come of any of the measures I have taken, what else can I do and does anybody think I should be offered a larger amount of maintenance loan?

    I am not sure I will be able to go this September if they do not at least offer an increased amount, I am stressing out as the time comes closer and my current tenancy also ends, I really am worried.

    What do you think? (Thank you).
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Updated: July 21, 2016
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