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Need help finding a job

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    Okay I finished my a levels and taking a gap year. I've tried websites but the jobs usually pay low and have a limit to how many days I can work. Can anyone help me?

    You'll have to understand that you don't really have access to many higher paid jobs from just finishing your A-Levels. If you're taking a gap year, I'm afraid you'll have to swallow your pride and go for one of the entry level jobs that the websites advertise. Most of my friends who are taking a gap year are most likely going to end up working in retail or in a restaurant for the majority of the year even if they're smart enough to go to some of the best unis in the U.K. I'm sorry but that's how it usually is.

    How about working for start-up companies?
    Here is a new way out! I am interning at TalentRocket this summer. We hand pick great companies, and give job seekers the chance to look at the culture of the companies they are thinking about applying to. You can even follow a company to get an email when they have new jobs. We have jobs at entry level too!
    You can also start a conversation with companies on our platform, which could lead to the best job you could ever ask for! You can sign up with one click on LinkedIn, and it’s completely FREE! https://talentrocket.co.uk/talent/user/join/candidate
    Feel free to contact me for more details.

    Don't expect to walk into 50k a year with A-Levels.
    you'll most likely be on minimum wage wherever you go.

    (Original post by Raizelcadres)
    Okay I finished my a levels and taking a gap year. I've tried websites but the jobs usually pay low and have a limit to how many days I can work. Can anyone help me?
    You're quite new to to the job market aren't you? :p:

    You are going to find it EXTREMELY hard to find a job that pays over 30k especially if you have no experience.

    Starting a job with a low wage is very normal nowadays and you have to take what is given to you, otherwise you won't be able to get a job.
    I've worked in retail and hospitality; now I work in an office but earning much more than what I did in my previous roles.

    Basically you need to find a job that doesn't pay very well so that you can work your way up, financially speaking.
    Also in some jobs you'll often find that the pay is dependent on experience (which you can't get without the job nowadays) - so beggars cannot be choosers in a situation like this.
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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