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Why aren't enough Muslims integrating into British society?

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    (Original post by Sayed0123)

    This kinda upsets me. Everyone should be assimilating and integrating into British culture and not just keeping to themselves. Of course, people are free to go to the mosque and have their beliefs but they should make an effort to integrate.
    Assimilation is a common misunderstanding. It is a very rare case, that happens usually either when somebody has very similar native culture or when is extremely impressed with the new one.
    Chinese or Vietnamese people for example, almost never assimilate, still it;s not a problem, because they are peacefull, polite, hardworking, respect government and learn local language so though they are not assimilating, they indeed integrate.

    Muslims don't because:
    -They don't this to be their interest
    -Often they don't understand and neglect secular state
    -They are attacked to their culture and this culture is very different and aimed not to learn, but to teach other

    Many things in Islam are a big problem, but other big as well or even bigger is wrong approach of western governments.
    If you want to make somebody behave, you must nail this somebody, especially if this person is simple minded.
    Current clear message toward immigrants is: You can do whatever you want, and you will not receive any punishment. This would demoralise any nation, not only middle-easterns with little education and agressive beliefs.
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Updated: August 18, 2016
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