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What do girls want from relationships?

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    I just want a relationship...
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    (Original post by Drunk Punx)
    Your soul. They want your soul.

    I'm a guy anyway, but you did ask for any experiences and I've got naff all better to do with my time and I like making lists so:

    What do you want from relationships?
    As you've already said (and as this point and all of the following will prove) it's rather subjective and varies wildly.

    I've had incredibly clingy girlfriends and I've had girlfriends who are so frigidly detached that you wouldn't be surprised if I was the first person they'd ever had physical, or emotional, contact with.

    However, the one thing is consistently apparent to me is that they all want your time. Which is absolutely fine, because it wouldn't be much of a relationship otherwise. But sometimes they want your time when you're trying to have time for yourself, which has the potential to cause problems if not handled delicately.

    I don't think I've ever had a girlfriend who turned a visit from me down because they were busy doing something by themselves (not to say that this doesn't happen, merely that it hasn't happened to me) but I've had multiple girlfriends try to start an argument with me because I'm busy doing something when they want to see me.

    So based upon the above, I would say that the biggest difference between the way men and women handle relationships as far as time is concerned, as far as my experiences (and the experiences of my fellow men) allow me to say, is that women don't always appreciate the need for the "alone time" that men want. Watching football, playing Xbox, doesn't matter; if they want to see you, expect an argument if you don't drop what you're doing and go see them.

    Obviously that doesn't ring true for every woman, man, or every relationship (due to the subjectivity of the individual and the dynamics of the relationship), nor does it ring true on every occasion that this happens (indeed, I've had mixed experiences with this; sometimes my want to be by myself will be acknowledged, sometimes it will get disregarded before I've even finished saying "but I'm in the middle of..." but the experiences me and my mates have suggest as much.

    What characteristics are important to you?

    Generally speaking? They want a chivalrous gentleman who will hold doors open for them but respect their independence.

    In short, the perfect guy is a paradox. It's similar to one of those "3 options but you can only pick 2" scenarios, except that the women I've experienced aren't happy with only two boxes being ticked (and I've dated a relatively varied group of girlfriends). Again, obviously this doesn't apply to all women (and before anyone jumps down my throat: yes, you could say the same thing about men).

    But then, that's relationships as a whole isn't it? Two different people come together and there will be friction. I can guarantee you that there has never been a (successful, still going) relationship without an argument that started because one of the two people involved expected more of the other person.

    What dates do you enjoy?

    Too varied, cba to list them all. Just make a note that "pub crawl" doesn't usually feature in the top 10.

    At what point is intimacy important?

    I've had relationships where nothing intimate has happened, I've had relationships where intimacy happened straight from the start. Again, much like all of above, it's rather subjective (and as such, trying to get a concrete answer of sorts will be nigh on impossible).

    In conclusion: if you want a solid answer, you'll be fighting a losing battle.
    Big help brother, understand that. Someone to spend time with is obviously he best part, although alone time is important to me too. Good stuff.

    what do I want from a relationship
    simple really someone who can push me on and keep me motivated
    that it really

    Girls just wanna have fun


    Trig identities she can't remember

    I just want a patient guy who can handle our mood swings bc that shiz is a challenge
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    (Original post by zaggalicious)
    I just want a patient guy who can handle our mood swings bc that shiz is a challenge
    loool you'd have to handle mine
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